Latest Products Latest Products Tue, 17 May 2022 20:03:30 +0530 en-us Coconut Shell Charcoal Tue, 13 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Premium grade, cost-effective prices and unsurpassed standard distinguishes our Coconut Shell Charcoal from others in the marketplace. Ours is a reckoned name in this domain and actively involved in offering quality-centralized product range that is designed and developed using the qualitative raw material. Pyroligneous Acid Tue, 13 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Details : Pyroligneous acid has been used for ages as sterilizing agent, deodorizer, fertilizer and antimicrobial. The strong antimicrobial activity of pyroligneous acid was correlated to its high contents of organic acids and phenolic substances. When the acid was separately applied or mixed with other acids in dilutions from 300 to 600 times, it proved to be useful in the control of curses and diseases of plants. Wood Tar Tue, 13 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Details : Wood tar, liquid obtained as one of the products of the carbonization, or destructive distillation, of wood.   There are two types : hardwood tars, derived from such woods as oak and beech; and resinous tars, derived from pine wood, particularly from resinous stumps and roots. Crude wood tar may be used as fuel or for preserving rope and wood and for caulking. The tar may be fractionated to yield creosote, oils, and pitch.Hardwood tars are obtained from pyroligneous acid, either as a deposit from the acid or as a residue from the distillation of the acid. Crude pyroligneous acid is the condensed, volatile product of wood distillation. Resinous wood tars differ from hardwood tar in containing the pleasant-smelling mixture of terpenes known as turpentine. ine-wood tar, commonly called Stockholm, or Archangel, tar, is made extensively in the forests of Russia, Sweden, and Finland. It is the residue after the turpentine has been distilled, usually with the aid of steam. It is widely used in manufacturing tarred ropes and twine and in impregnating hemp fibre for oakum. In pharmacy, it has some slight use as a component of some ointments and antiseptics. Distillates of pine-wood tar, particularly the creosote fraction, are used in metallurgy in the froth flotation processes.Beauty and Cosmetic Companies: wood tar is the best base material for hair and skin treatment products. Grandpa Co. is the premier company to use wood tar to produce organic soap and shampoos. "Pine tar soap may be useful in alleviating the symptoms associated with psoriasis, extreme eczema, and other various skin conditions The ingredient that gives it this reputation is pine tar, which is a sticky material derived from pine wood. While this soap may have curative properties, some pine tar can contain creosote or other harmful chemicals." Wood Vinegar Tue, 13 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Some common uses of wood vinegar (bio oil )Wood Vinegar Claimed uses List of wood vinegar uses we found on the internet. Agriculture 50% reduction of fertilizers and pesticides with the use of 1:500 WV water mix. Enhances roots. 200:1 for 24hrs soak seeds improves genrmination. Ester darkens leaves to increase photosynthesis.  Regulates nutrients and microbiological population in soil. Better uptakes of roots. Better tasting and higher sugar contents in fruits. Increases resistance to disease. Pesticide and anti fungus. Speeds up composting. At 500 times dilution, wood vinegar can reduce the cluster value of water to 1/3. This Means that the water is activated and can be easily absorbed by the plants because Water with a low cluster value is in a very small mass. Each of these masses will hold One of the few mineral elements. These elements can be easily taken in to plants. The concentration of agro chemicals or liquid fertilizers can be reduced by 50%. If it is diluted in a 500 times dilution solution of wood vinegar due to its higher permeation. This will greatly reduce the use of agro-chemicals. However, it should be used with alkaline Chemicals. Animals Studies showed that when charcoal and wood vinegar were used as feed Supplements in poultry, salmonella bacteria, which are responsible for Gastrointestinal diseases of chickens, were eliminated. In chicken egg Production, farmers claimed that their hens improved their egg –laying Performance, had better rearing characteristics, and improved their hatching Efficiency. It also improved the quality of eggs such as better taste, reduce Cholesterol content, and had harder egg shells. Studies on swine production Showed that sows improwed their performance. They became healthier, Their fertility rate improved , and piglet size became uniform. The Fatteners also improved their feeding efficiency and meet quality. The foul odor from the manure of the pigs was also reduced. Furthermore Reports from farmers indicated that their sows increased their milk production And diarrhea among piglets were prevented or cured. In cattle, it is said that wood vinegar also improved meat quality, fertility rate ,Milk production and feed efficiency.   Benefits on livestock : Wood vinegar is an all-natural livestock deodorant derived from plant extracts. The skin friendly plant chemicals bind themselves to odor-causing agents on the animal’s body and wastes, effectively breaking down, absorbing and transforming them into a natural acidic state - and destroying and suppressing bacteria, viruses and other odor causing pathogens. The result is non-stimulating bacteria, viruses and other odor causing pathogens. The result is non-stimulating Deodorization that is non-toxic and leaves no residue, creating a good-bacteria forming environment that is healthy and fresh for your livestock.   Human uses : 10 internal benefits of wood vinegar Reducing Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and Indigestion : wood vinegar can help to reduce Acid Reflux, heartburn and indigestion , all of which are commonly experienced by millions of American every year Removing Foul Odors : Foul ordors can be produced by many things, even some parts of your body. body casts, gas, body odor and so on can pose social problems and emarrass and perhaps even nauseate you. But Wood Vinegar helps to nautralize foul odors Stopping Bowel Diseases : wood vinegar is thought to aid in the body with Colitis, Croh’s Disease, and Ieeitable Bowel Syndrome. Slowing Colic : Colic is a general disorder that affects mostly babies. Wood Vinegar to your child Supporting Liver Disease : Surprisingly, Wood Vinegar is even thought to aid Liver Diseases Like Hepatitis and Neonatal Jaundice and Liver Cancer. Blocking Diarrhea : Less dramatic, but nonetheless, Wood Vinegar aid in Blocking Diarrhea Preventing Vomiting can be very unpleasant, but wood vinegar can help hear as well. Reducing Peptic Ulcers : Wood Vinegar can help relieve peptic Ulcers as well Eliminating Dental infections : At some point in your life, you will have to struggle with a mouth infection of some sort of another. Wood Vinegar aids your health here as well Lowering cholesterol : and last but not least, Wood Vinegar can promote a healthy heart by lowering cholesterol Please note that these health benefits can be achieved through the use of many charcoal products, not just wood vinegar. The key ingredients is wood charcoal produced by the slow baking power of an earthen kiln. You may be thinking that many of these benefits are too good to be true, but remember , we haven’t listed all the benefits of wood vinegar yet! These are only internal benefits. Wood Vinegar also help the outside of your body.   External benefits of wood vinegar : Wood vinegar can aid the body with the following Insects Bites Wood vinegar : wood vinegar is thought to have greate venom-removal power. The application of Wood Vinegar to insect bits can help to draw those toxins out of your body. Pink Eye : Pink eye is dreadful eye infection that many of us have as children. the application of wood vinegar to the infected parts of the suuroundings tissue of the eye can help to bring down swelling. Poison Ivy :In general, Wood Vinegar can be of great help to soothing a large number of plant poisonngs such as poison Ivy. Infected Wound : Again, Wodd Vinegar can help with various infections, so infected wounds can be reduced by its power Cellulitis : An acute inflammation of the connective tissue of the skin, Caused by infection with staphylococcus, or other bacteria Since Cellutis too is a bacterial infection, Wood Vinegar can help relieve symptoms. Diabetic Ulcers : Diabetics, Especially the elderly, Sometimes develop circulatory problems in their arms and legs. Because if this, they ge ulcers, Usulaly on their legs and feet. From time to time. these ulcers get infected. Wood Vinegar can help here as well Ear Infections : Ear Infection are another common type of bacteria -related affliction. Wood Vinegar can aid in the healing process. Snake Bites : One great thing about having wood vinegar, these food pads can draw out all sorts of venom. This includes venom from snake bites.While snake bites are rare, Wood Vinegar, combined Woth other aids, can help Gout : For those of you who don’t know, Gout is type of arthritis. it can cause sudden Furnace Oil Tue, 13 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530